What your hands look like influences the opinion of the person opposite of you. More and more men and women discover the pros of a professional manicure, the benefaction of a handmassage and a paraffin bath treatment. The manicure results in silky-soft hands, removed cuticals and nails shortend, cleaned and polished to shine according to your taste. If you wish we round off with a UV gel nail polish.

To intensify your experience you may like to treat yourself to an aromatic oil hand mask or paraffin treatment. You will enjoy pure wellness.

Cold weather leaves it’s mark on your skin. Especially sensitive are skin of hands and face. Due to the on going change between warm but dry heating air and cold temperatures outside the skin loses moisture. I can highly recommend and offer the benefit of a handmask or even better paraffin bath treatment. One session will already demonstrate the amazing difference to your skin.

“Classic” manicure

approx. 30 minutes

handbath, nail filing, cutical removal, nail polish, high quality hand lotion

“Deluxe Spa” manicure

as above plus Aroma-peeling, nurturing & regenerating hand massage and high-quality hand mask and lotion.



To a well-groomed appearance belong well-kept feat. Even though they are often neglected feet are actually one of our most important regions of our body. In average every humanbeing walks around the earth four times. Not only for this reason should you treat your feet with a professional pedicure every once in a while.

Our care programme for your feet is extensive and very relaxing. After a pleasant foot bath the nails are trimmed and filed, cuticles, any hard skin and calluses as well as pressure points, heel tears and corns are removed. Finally you may relax during a pleasurable foot massage. According to your wishes we offer nail polish in your chosen colour or french style.


approx. 30 minutes

aromatic foot bath, desinfection, nail filing, cutical and callus removal, foot massage and skin care products.

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