From time immemorial and in alle cultures the breast stands for femininity and fertility. This results in the desire many women women have – a full and even bust. Due to weightloss or pregnancy the breasts change and then aren’t in accordance with the ideal of the woman anymore.

A breast augmentation with implants can help in such cases to let a woman feel good in her own body again. Only very few surgeries have a comparable impact on the self-esteem/ confidence of a lady – the possibility to be in accordance with your own body again.

In contrast to the situation in other countries most women here dream of a natural looking result. A full bust, that doesn’t look artificial but still fulfills the idea of volume, in total an attractive decolleté.

During the first consultation session – the most essential session before any breast surgery – we specifically and precisely work out the personal ideal and wishes of a patient, the way to achieve these and the possibilities we have. Very important decisions to make are the size, shape and degree of hardness of the implants. These are decisive factors to attain the best result possible. We exclusively use implants of high-quality made by prestigious brand manufacturers. With his many years of experience and substantiated Knowledge Mr Krekel is able to shape a breast according to wishes, body image and appearance of a woman.

The position of the implants is also a crucial factor when aiming at life long satisfaction regarding the surgical result. They can be placed on or under the muscle.  Decisive elements for the placement are physique, athletic activity and a possibly not yet fulfilled desire for children.

In the so called Dual-Plane technique the surgeon dissects in two layers. Only the upper half of the implant is placed under the breast muscle while the bottom half hangs on top of the muscle. Advantages are that the top part can hardly be palpated and the muscle only loses part of its force. The lower part on the other hand lays behind the mammary gland meaning that is is hidden by autologous tissue. All this leads to an especially natural looking final result.

We perform many more than 100 breast surgeries every year and we attach importance to a precise preparation, perfect implementation as well as preventive and follow-up medical care. This ensures that our patients all are and feel very well taken care of.

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