Big breasts are considered to be desirable and especially feminin. For many women however too big breasts become a burden: they get in the way when practicing sports, lead to back-pain and can even make a women feel perceived as a sexual object.

In the course of a breast reduction we create smaller, newly shaped, symmetrical breasts matching the body of the patient. We reduce the amount of tissue and skin to adapt the size. For this it is necessary to cut around the nipple and vertically downwards, leading to an inverted “T”.

Should a patient suffer unter the weight excessively the health insurance sometimes carries a share of the costs. In times of scarce resources the possibilities of the insurances are also limited, nevertheless one should consider the option of this possibly provided financing.

The surgery takes approximately two and a half hours. In consequence we recommend a hospital stay of one to two days and the wearing of a compressing-bra for another six weeks.

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